BERLINERBODEN presents its first group exhibition of the FRISCHLUFT TANKEN cycle at a former gas station and adjoining tractor workshop in Schluft, Schorfheide. International artists will present sculpture, installation, photography, and painting from July 16 – 17, 2016.

FRISCHLUFT TANKEN is a word play both on the city Schluft, the smallest village in Schorfheide, and “tanken”, the German word for ‘to refuel’, alluding to the former LPG gas station. Incorporating original architectural details of the gas station and tractor workshop, the venue bears testimony to the facility’s initial function. The exhibition title FRISCHLUFT TANKEN identifies Schorfheide as a traditional retreat for city dwellers, attracted by the area’s century-old hunting tradition. Already Wilhelm II used the grasslands as hunting grounds; in the Third Reich, Hermann Göring maintained his country residence Carinhall in Schorfheide; during the GDR, parts of Schorfheide were closed to the public and declared state territory.

Located at the adjoining biosphere reserve Schorfheide-Chorin, the exhibition FRISCHLUFT TANKEN touches upon pressing issues of today—urbanization, climate change, and biodiversity. FRISCHLUFT TANKEN offers a testimony to the utopian idea of reconquering nature with the gas station serving as a refuge of transcendental spaces.

The exhibition cycle’s vision is to facilitate collaboration between artists from Berlin and elsewhere, transforming the origins of the venue from a service facility into a place for creative exchange.

BERLINERBODEN will continue to support cooperation between artists across a variety of disciplines beyond 2016. FRISCHLUFT TANKEN strives to become a firmly established entity in the Berlin art scene. Please join us for the event!


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Isabelle Kurz
+49 (0)176 22 39 76 98


from Berlin by train From S-Bahn Station Karow, local train RB 27 brings you to Groß Schönebeck every two hours.
At the station the shuttle bus to Schluft (sponsored by Landkreis Barnim) is waiting for you.


Train ticket for one person (local tariff from 25 km to 35 km) costs 5,70€, one-day-ticket 11,40€.
3 to 5 person can use smallgroup-one-day-ticket for 28,50€.
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